Respect for Individual Freedom
We cherish the basic freedom of individual expression, our individual rights to be, to think, to act, to fulfill our destinies as we understand them — knowing that our own freedom should only be limited by respect for the rights of others to their individual freedoms. This founding principle of our great nation is the guiding principle of our enterprise.

We understand that the choices we make in life have consequences and that we are accountable for those consequences. We strive to make choices that are constructive and upbuilding for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our colleagues and customers, and for the communities in which we live.

We firmly adhere to a personal code of values. These values are the bedrock of our relationships, both personal and professional. Our integrity develops out of respect for ourselves and others, and it carries with it a strong sense of moral responsibility. We demonstrate integrity by striving to do what is right.

We are a community, a free association of human beings sharing values, bonded by daily experiences and secure in the knowledge that we care for and respect each other. We are united by our humanity and our shared commitments. We acknowledge the differences among us, as well as our common needs. We respect the guidance of those who are wiser and more experienced than we are in building our enterprise and in sustaining our unique bond.

Life-Long Learning
We seize the opportunity to learn — to seek, to listen, to grow and to achieve our full potential. Moreover, we support the learning of others by striving to open minds, to enlighten those around us and to assist those engaged in the processes of development and discovery. Learning is one of our highest priorities. It is constant and without end.

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